Calculating your mitigated emissions...

What were the emissions savings of completing your interviews virtually?

Please enter your home city (your airport departure city, had interviews been in-person).

    Total Emission Calculations

    Source: Estimates based on economy class seats
    Because interviews were virtual, I avoided miles of flights and saved metric tons of CO₂ which is equivalent to of the average American's annual carbon footprint.
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    In order to offset these theoretical emissions, you would need to make the following lifestyle changes for 1 year (click the checkboxes)
    - 0.90 tCO₂e
    - 0.21 tCO₂e
    - 0.37 tCO₂e
    - 0.36 tCO₂e
    - 3.08 tCO₂e
    - 1.4 tCO₂e
    - 0.21 tCO₂e
    + tCO₂e


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